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Our staff of trained and experienced artists and musicians can help you start your musical journey, all the way from the basics, to advanced techniques and music craftsmanship.



We are equipped to take your music to the next level with

in-house audio and video production, with industry standard gear and techniques, but unique style and finesse.

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Our Artist Development program goes beyond just lessons and gives you access to the tools you need to kickstart your music and help you develop your image and sound.

We are Monochrome Studios

Monochrome studios is a start-to-finish music lesson, recording, and production studio. We are ready to teach you your favorite instruments, record your music, film your performance, and show it off online and live. Whether you're looking for just lessons,  a full-send music video, or anything in between we're equipped to take you to the next level. 

Our teachers have a wide range of experience both in genre and instrumentally, and are ready to share their 

knowledge to help you get on your feet musically, as well as push you to more advanced techniques and performance. 

We're able to produce songs from start to finish, from writing and recording, to mixing and mastering. After that we film and produce music videos, and then distribute your songs and videos to all major streaming platforms.

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