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First to Eleven
first to eleven.jpg

The flagship band of Monochrome Studios, First to Eleven is a rock cover band that has amassed over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube and hundreds of thousands of listeners on Spotify and other platforms.

Comprised of Audra Miller on vocals, Matt Yost on Guitar, Sam Gilman on Drums, and Ryan Krysiak on Bass.

Concrete Castles
concrete castles.jpg

Original-music counterpart to First to Eleven - Audra on vocals, Matt on guitar and Sam on drums create alternative rock songs with electronic elements and a heavier edge and incredibly catchy  hooks.

Concrete Castles' first full length album "Wish I Missed U" released in 2021 with 11 original songs and gained them over a million listens on Spotify.

The Sweetest
the sweetest.jpg

Pop Rock Duo Catie (Vocals) and Sebastian (Drums) create hard hitting, high energy pop rock. While doing a fair share of covers, they launched their original music with their single "GUM."

The duo have big plans for more originals coming soon!

Storms Within
storms within.jpg

Five-piece Heavy Rock group "Storms Within" formed in the summer of 2014, packing heavy guitars and bass (TW, Dave, Mike), hard hitting drums (Ron), and powerful vocals (Erica) -they aim for shock and awe.

Brooke Surgener

Brooke is an indie/folk solo artist telling fun, beautiful, and creative stories through her music. 

Brooke released her first full length original album in 2022, featuring songs like "Gimme Gimme," "Tidal Waves," and "I Hate You The Least."

Daytona Beach 2000

DB2K is a 3 Piece Pop Punk Cover band made to party. Made up of Trevor Vogt on Bass and Vocals, Ryan Krysiak on Guitar, and Jeff Burick on Drums - they play tons of your favorite hits from

Blink-182, Sum41,  Good Charlotte, and more.


Snowfall is Zach Kubiak's solo project - ranging from chillstep to electronic music, to metal. Zach released a full-length instrumental album "Reign" in 2022, featuring dark ambient electronic music and heavy metal tracks inspired by Mick Gordon's "Doom" sound track.

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