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Monochrome Studios is a music studio that goes beyond just recording and production. Whether you're here for just lessons, just recording, or both, we can accommodate and bring your passion for music to life. 




Our modern, fully equipped studio is the perfect place to start or progress your musical journey.  All of our teachers are active in the Erie music community and are available for  30, 45, or 60 minute one-on-one lessons.   

$25 | 30 minute Lesson

$45 | 60 Minute Lessons - Artist Program

Band Program

We bring like minded students together to form authentic bands and teach them everything from writing, playing together, to recording, promoting and merchandising.  


Monochrome Studios offers more than just normal lesson programs and audio recording. We have the tools to take our students from learning an instrument, all the way to creating their unique sound, recording and producing songs, and filming their own music videos. We'll help develop their image and distribute their work, creating both a live presence as well as an online presence on YouTube, Spotify, and social media.

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