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Every staff member at Monochrome has an unmatched love for music, and with that, a passion to share it with others. With years of experience in our respective fields, we can help bring your music and your vision to life.


Favorite Genres
Folk, Pop,. Indie Rock

My passion for music started the moment I picked up a guitar at age 10, and I’ve been playing and performing ever since. I love writing my own music, and gravitate towards folk and indie/ pop rock. Now a full time musician, I’ve been able to make a career out of performing professionally, directing and editing my own music videos, and helping younger artists find their own voice. When I’m not at home obeying my fluffy evil cat, Margot, I enjoy walks with my dogs, driving my orange scooter for a boba, and cosplay.

Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting, Ukulele, Piano

Favorite Artists
The Wild Reeds
Julia Jacklin
The Head and The Heart


Solo Artist

Brooke Surgener

Photo Sep 04, 7 39 59 PM.jpg

Sam Gilman

Concrete Castles | First to Eleven

Favorite Genres
Alt Rock, Punk,
Hip Hop

Guitar, Bass, Piano,

Favorite Artists
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Point Blank Society
Brand New
Smashing Pumpkins
Queens of The Stone Age

I originally got into music when I saw my older brother riffing on his electric guitar and I naturally wanted to be just like him, so at age 6, I started my guitar lessons. From there it was a slippery slope into wanting to know every in and out of music. This lead me to quickly learn every instrument I could get my hands on. I really enjoy playing in jazz bands to challenge myself. Outside of music I'm an armchair mathematician and scientist, and also love race cars. 

Favorite Genres

Vocals, Piano

Favorite Artists
Chris Stapleton
Gigi Parez
Arctic Monkeys
Shanin Blake

screen shot 2022-07-11 at 7.17_edited.jpg

Solo Artist

Makenna Dunham

I grew up with multiple musicians so music was always a part of my life. I’ve sang since I can remember and tried quite a few instruments throughout school, before starting piano at 13. Since then I’ve been learning more, writing songs and now teaching!

Favorite Genres
Classic Rock, Pop Punk,
Heavy Metal, Oldies

I got into music the moment I saw AC/DC's "Live At Donington" concert. As soon as I got my hands on a guitar, I dove deep into all the great bands that have their names covering the history books, and learned as many of their songs as I could. Turns out, I was pretty good at getting my friends into it as well, and soon, I had joined my first band. I began playing local rock clubs at 16 and absolutely loved the rush from being on stage. I've had the pleasure in sharing the stage with awesome bands such as Queensryche, Great White, and other touring acts. I look forward to helping the next generation of rockers that have passion and interest in their music.

Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Band / Group Instruction

Favorite Artists
Cheap Trick
Def Leppard
New Order

Photo Dec 20, 12 07 41 PM.jpg

Daytona Beach 2000 | Acoustic Jukebox
Teacher | Video Production 

Trevor Vogt


Ryan Krysiak

First to Eleven | Refuge | Daytona Beach 2000
Teacher | Owner 

Guitar, Bass, Drums,
Recording, Production

Favorite Artists
Bring Me The Horizon
Biffy Clyro
Poison the Well

Favorite Genres
Rock, Pop, Country

I first picked up guitar when I was 12 and have years on years of band experience. I play bass in First to Eleven, and guitar in Refuge Rock n' Country and Daytona Beach 2000. I founded Monochrome Studios (originally Rock School Studios) to help musicians of any age in our area accelerate their skills in music, but to go much further than just learning an instrument.


Matthew Yost

First to Eleven | Concrete Castles

Favorite Genres
Hard Rock, Math Rock,

Favorite Artists
 Say Anything
Four Years Strong
Dance Gavin Dance
Lower Than Atlantis

I started playing guitar when I was 7 years old after playing Guitar Hero III for months and begging my parents for a real guitar. Shortly after that, I started taking lessons from Ryan Krysiak and haven been playing guitar (and video games) ever since.

Favorite Genres
Folk, Pop

I started playing guitar in 4th grade. I have music out with my band "insixty" as well as solo content. I love to sing and my favorite aspect of music is songwriting!

Favorite Artists
Phoebe Bridgers
Taylor Swift,
Dominic Fike
The 1975
Billie Eilish


Rachel Sanders | insixty

Rachel Sanders

Favorite Genres
Metal, Electronic,
Alternative, Orchestral

I got my first guitar because of Guitar Hero II when I was 10, and since then I've had an avid passion for playing, writing, and recording. With that passion I also developed an eye for visual media, delving deep into graphic design and video production early on around the same time. In 2011, I officially started working in multimedia, all self-taught or taught directly by people with crazy reputations in the industry. I played in Jazz Band and Percussion Ensemble in high school; afterwards I was a guitarist in a Metal band and drummer a Pop Punk Band but now have my solo project, Snowfall.

Favorite Artists
The Weeknd
Sleep Token
Boston Manor
Bring Me The Horizon



Video Production | Audio Production

Zach Kubiak

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